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(IrSimple Protocol Debug & Test Suite 2G - VFIR) - Supports Windows  8 / 7/ Vista

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-- Description --

2nd-Generation IrSimple™ Protocol Debug and Test Suite

Supports VFIR, FIR and SIR through USB 2.0 port and Windows SW.

Implemented all Uni-mode, Bi-mode and LDE (Long Distance Extension), Primary and Secondary Test Cases.

More flexible, much better timing resolution (1.085 μsec -SIR, 1 μsec -FIR/VFIR), to catch all frames, even if min. packet interval is 100 μsec or less.

The only tester implemented all 271 IrSimple Test Cases, in the new IrSimple Test Spec-v1.10.

User can configure multiple Negotiation Parameters

Customized file selection for DUT-as-Secondary Test Cases (supports Text, JPG, MPEG, etc.)

The only Tester that supports up to 32KB frame size.

Promotes inter-operability of IrDA-IrSimple Primary and Secondary devices.

Facilitates testing and debugging of IrSimple LAP™, LMP™, SMP™ and OBEX™ Layers.

Facility to record raw binary data, and it can be reviewed using ACTiSYS Probe Software (ACT-IR92xx)

Test software and Debugger intelligence can be easily upgraded and expanded.

Friendly and comprehensive multi-window GUI for easy viewing & operation

Supports Larger file size (Tested up to 20MB).

Facilitates to test & debug several Test Cases of one Test Group by selecting SW once.

Detailed information regarding test progress, test results and violations are displayed in different color, in separate windows, for each Test Case.

Debugger module describes the reason for Test Failure in every IrSimple Test Case.

User can customize Test Cases per features.

User can run IR9305SW easily without knowing IrDA-IrSimple Test Specification in detail.

Automatically generates Official IrSimple Test Report. Also generates Summary Report, Frame History Report and Timing Reports.

Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows  7/ 8.

ACT-IR930xD is powered by USB. The same device is used for all other ACTiSYS IrDA®-IrSimple™ Protocol Test Suites

You can easily run different IrDA Protocol Test Suites, by switching among Test Programs.

Select 'Report' option in Toolbar, which will allow viewing the Test Result in HTML View.

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