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ACT-IR826xD Series
IrDA Protocol Processor IC; With (IR Transceiver Bundle) available

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-- Description --

ACT-IR8260D/ ACT-IR8261D (or briefly, ACT-IR826xD) has a complete IrDA® Protocol stack in a single chip.

ACT-IR8261D has more buffer than ACT-IR8260D. This is the only difference between them.

Buffer size:
Buffer (Bytes)↓ ACT-IR8261D ACT-IR8260D
Host Inbound 2K 1K
Host Outbound 2K 1K
IrDA In Frames 1K 0.5K
IrDA Out Frames 1K 0.5K
Total 6K 3K

No any driver needed.

Includes IrPHY™ encoding/decoding and interfaces directly to Infrared transceivers for data rate up to 115.2 kbps. Only an external Infrared transceiver is needed to complete an IrDA compliant infrared communication subsystem.

Supports mandatory IrDA layers: IrPHY™, IrLAP™, IrLMP™ and IAS™.

Supports upper layers: TinyTP™, IrCOMM™, IrLPT™, and OBEX™.

Supports host baud rate: 1.2 kbps to 115.2 kbps, which is changed by PC configuration utility or hardware jumper. IrDA baud rate: 9.6 kbps to 115.2 kbps, which is flexible, setting by IrDA devices.

Supports both IrDA Primary and Secondary modes.

Small low profile plastic 64-pin QFP package.

Available in programmed and tested chips, assembled & tested boards, or fully packaged dongles. All passed IrDA-IrReady™ certification tests!

A ready made IrDA compatible evaluation dongles ACT-IR100UD-v3 is available.

ACT-IR826xDEK = ACT-IR826xDDB (Daughter Board) + ACT-IR8260DMB (Mother Board with USB Virtual COM port support). Before purchasing this IC, strongly recommend to buy this Evaluation Kit. Default is ACT-IR8260DEK, which used IR8260D on Daughter Board IR8260DDB. Optional is ACT-IR8261DEK, which used IR8261D on Daughter Board IR8261DDB.

ACT-IR100UDK-v3: Evaluation Kit Full Set (=ACT-IR100UD-v3 + ACT-IR4002US/ 4000US or IR2002US/ 2000US). This kit can evaluate data transmission between ACT-IR100UD-v3 (your device) and ACT-IR4002US (PC), running under HyperTerm.
It can avoid debugging multiple issues at the same time.

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