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Pocket RAW IR Flash Disk, Pocket IrDA Flash Disk

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-- Description --

A pocket-size data transfer device, collects data wirelessly from IrDA® or Raw IR-enabled industrial or medical devices, stores and sends this stored data to PC, wirelessly via IR.

Can also download file from PC, and stores and sends it to industrial or medical devices, to update or program its firmware, or change settings, wirelessly via Infrared.

ACT-IR322U supports IrDA-IrLAP™, IrLMP™, IAS™, and optional IrComm, or OBEX server/client protocol layers, in both Primary and Secondary modes, at 9.6k~115.2k bps.

ACT-IR321U supports IrDA-IrPHY™ (Raw IR) at data rates, 2.4k to 115.2k bps.

Through its standard mini-USB/type B connector, can easily connect to PC-USB port, to charge its internal Lithium Ion Polymer battery.

Rechargeable (Powered via USB) battery can last approximately 6 days, in normal usage.

Stores collected data in 4 MB flash memory, optional 8 MB memory.

4 buttons with the corresponding LEDs, enable friendly and easy data transfer, in the field with industrial or medical devices, and in the office with PC, all wirelessly.

If opposite device (e.g. Healthcare device) sends IrObject (OBEX PUT) data, ACT-IR322U will act as OBEX server and stores this data to internal flash memory. Later, it can act as OBEX client to send this stored (OBEX PUT) data to IrDA-ready PC (e.g. PC with attached IrDA dongle), and vice versa: from PC to ACT-IR322U, and to Healthcare or Industrial devices.

A truly compact and convenient alternative to Infrared-enabled PDA or data logger!

1. IR322U can only interface with PC via your existing USB-IrDA adapter, ACT-IR200xUL and Windows Application software!

2. USB port is only for charging the battery inside IR322U, needs no driver and you can ignore any driver warning or error message!

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