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(IrReady FIR PC-USB Adapter supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/Windows CE/Mac/Linux, Windows server2003)

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-- Description --

Easily connects to the USB port on any PC. No power needed!

Gives you the full IrDA speeds from 9.6K to 4M bps!

Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 & Windows server 2003 (32 & 64 bit)
*Note: there is some issue with Mac OS IrDA stack, so please contact Tech-Support before buying for Mac OS.

For Windows 10(32-&64-bit) OS support:

Please contact ACTiSYS' T-S team by an email, , for Windows 10, 32-&64-bit OS workaround solution.
  1. We also have another solution for a long time, for your USB-to-IrDA adapter applications, our ACT-IR100UDv3-XX. It has been tested and approved by many major international customers!
  2. In the event future O.S. does Not support IrDA protocol, our adapter, ACT-IR100UDv3-XX solves it!
  3. In the event there is no more USB-to-IrDA adapter IC available, 10 years later (as indicated on ACT-IR2012UL above, ACTiSYS Corp. has stock of such IC for 10+ years), our ACT-IR100UDv3-XX solves it!
Key parameters programmable (Extra BOF's; Min. TAT; Speed Enable; Read Depth, Read Threshold; etc.)

*Note (IrComm issue):If you use IrDA-OBEX, these USB-IrDA adapters support Windows 7/8-32 and 64 bit. But, if you use IrDA-IrComm, you'll need IrComm2K ( free software from 3rd party) for all Windows O.S., including Windows 8/7-32 bit. However, IrComm2K does NOT support 64bit. Then, please use our once-for-all solution, ACT-IR100UD(-v2), the Intelligent USB-IrDA adapter.

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