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ACT-IR100UD / IR120UD / IR100UD-v2/v3
(Intelligent dongle) (USB to IrDA SIR Adapter, with optional IR8260D evaluation Kit, OK for Mac OS, Android/Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 32& 64bit)

Click for detailed spec (IR100UD-v2/v3).

-- Description --

Supports mandatory IrDA® layer: IrPHY™, IrLAP™, IrLMP™, TinyTP™ and IAS™.

Supports upper layers IrCOMM™, IrLPT™ and OBEX™

Supports both IrDA Primary and Secondary mode, changeable by COMSET utility.

Supports host baud rate from 1.2 kbps to 115.2 kbps, which is changeable by COMSET utility. IrDA baud rate from 9.6 kbps to 115.2 kbps, which is flexible setting by IrDA devices.

[Factory Default Setting]: Baud rate =115.2k bps;8N1

Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/SP2/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 & 64 bits), Mac OS (both Intel & Power PC), Android, Linux, Windows -CE (ARM & x86)

USB to RS232 Serial conversion device and its driver creates Virtual COM port, which has Less Latency time compared with any other virtual COM port, average 1.5 ms. while that of a real COM port is about 0.5ms.

Fully compliant with USB 3.0 (also backward compatible with USB 2.0).

Two chips in this dongle: USB chip and IrDA chip. USB chip has 256 bytes outbound buffer and 256 bytes inbound buffer.

Nothing or minimum changes in user software, which are already working with ACT-IR100SD RS232 serial adapter.

Power supplied from USB directly.

Evaluation Kit Full Set is ACT-IR100UDK/100UDK-v2/v3, which includes: ACT-IR100UD(-v2/v3) and ACT-IR402xU or IR2012UL (IrDA FIR USB adapter).

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