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ACT-BT5701S (slave) / BT5701SM (master) / BT5701S v2 (Dual option for either mode)
(BT Embedded RS232 Adapter) ; BT5701SR (Ruggedized Edition)

Click for detailed spec (BT5701S/SM/S v2).

Click for detailed spec (BT5701SR).

-- Description --

No Driver Required for Non-Windows Based Communication (Client) Devices

Provides Windows based configuration utility.

Configurable as an RS232 Cable Replacement Set

Supports Class 1 Output Power Up to 100 m Operation Range except BT5701SR, which is Enclosed with a ruggedized steel case, connection distance range up to 6 meters only (Class 2).

Bluetooth SIG 1.2 Compliant

Profile Supported: Serial Port Profiles as a Master or as a Slave

Baud Rate Supported: 1.2k bps ~ 1843.2k bps; default 115.2k bps except BT5701SR which default is 9.6k bps only.

Configurable for BD Address, Baud Rate, Device Name, Control Flag, PIN Code, Watchdog Timeout, Supervision Timeout, and Peer BD Address

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