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IrDA & IrSimple Probe and Analyzer for SIR, MIR, FIR, VFIR, ACT-IR921, ACT-IR9210, ACT-IR9211, ACT-IR9220& ACT-IR9221

  • Package includes both ACT-IR9200D hardware and ACT-IR92xx software.
  • Supports IrDA-VFIR, FIR, MIR, SIR data rates (9.6K-16Mbps) .
  • Supports both IrDA (ACT-IR9210, IR9220) and IrSimple (ACT-IR9211, IR9221) Protocol stacks.
  • Facilitates recording and debugging of LAP, LMP, TinyTP, SMP, OBEX and IrSimple layers.
  • Promotes inter-operability of IrDA™ and IrSimple Primary and Secondary devices.
  • Different protocol layers are highlighted by different color for easy analysis.
  • Shows details of: frame timing, role played, frame commands, frame sequence, etc.
  • Friendly and comprehensive multi-window GUI for easy viewing and operation.
  • All Windows are easily re-sizable. Displays both character and ASCII format of all frames.
  • For IrSimple, ACT-IR9211 supports both Bi-Mode and Uni-Mode.
  • Supports large frame size (up to 32KB).
  • Automatically generates Reports, highlighting CRC error, Frame sequence error, etc.
  • Debugging and Analyzing intelligence database is upgraded and expanded, with time.
  • Capitalizing on our extensive IrReady Test Lab experience since 2000, tested 128 devices of: handsets, PDAs, peripherals, industrial & medical devices, and controller IC and stacks.
  • We helped clients by quickly debugging IrDA products down to: protocol lower layer codes, PCB layout, circuit design & component values. These contribute to Analyzer’s database.
  • Approved by IrDA as the “official” IrSimple Test Tool for IrSimple Qualification program.
  • Speeds up the IrDA®, and IrSimple Qualification of your IrDA, and IrSimple products.
  • Model Selection: (easily upgradeable to other models):
    ACT-IR921 (IrDA Protocol Probe Analyzer for SIR only)
    ACT-IR9210 (for FIR & under)
    ACT-IR9211 (for FIR & under + IrSimple) IrSimple
    ACT-IR9220 (for VFIR & under)
    ACT-IR9221 ( for VFIR & under +IrSimple)IrSimple                         
    See Also IrSimple Page

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